Videos provide a great resource for leader development. TEDTalks is one of many great FREE resources out there to help you develop yourself and your team. YouTube, when used properly, is an endless resource for great development material. Below is a list of helpful video resources from other creators. As we produce The Company Leader Videos we will post them here as well as on our YouTube page (Click HERE). Use them for self-development or for your unit LPD program. Lead off with a video or have your team watch it the day before, then jump right into the dialogue. Guided discussions with specific questions are good for getting things moving, but don’t be afraid to let the conversation lead.

60 Minutes: “The Perfectionist” – Coach Nick Saban

TEDTalk: “The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding” – Coach John Wooden


“The 5 Levels of Leadership” – John Maxwell


TEDTalk: “Listen, Learn, … then Lead” – Stan McChrystal


TEDTalk: “The Power of Vulnerability” – Brené Brown

1987 Annual Million Dollar Round Table: “Cutting Down the Nets” – Coach Jimmy Valvano

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