The Rucksack

The Rucksack provides proven tools to improve your life and leadership. It includes unit-level products, productivity hacks, and other professional development resources. We will discuss some of these tools in future blog posts while others stand alone. Feel free to share with your team and recycle – if you find them helpful, please share The Company Leader with your community.

Army Staff Sgt.s Daniel Prince and Mitchell Mancine prepare their gear before participating in a rucksack march and weighted litter carry during the Best Ranger Competition at Fort Benning, Ga., April 7, 2017. Prince and Mitchell Mancine are Rangers assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos

Career Timeline

Click HERE for a tool to map out your career, both the past and future courses of action. Planning your career is not the same as being a careerist. No one knows your goals, your journey, and what you want out of your time in uniform like you do. More importantly, this tool is a way to visualize  a career in the Army and discuss it with those you lead (in counseling and development) and your family at home. My favorite part of this tool is the family integration portion of it.

Command Philosophy

Click HERE for an example Command Team Philosophy. I used this document in three different commands ranging from an Infantry Rifle Company to an Headquarters and Headquarters (Cavalry) Troop. There were edits, updates, and changes – but the core remained. I revisited it with each new First Sergeant to receive new feedback. Each time, the feedback was considered and incorporated to make the document a TEAM philosophy. Hopefully this resource will help you as your make your own. There is no ONE way to do this – just make sure it is authentic and what you believe; live it. Click HERE for a Military Review Article on “Developing an Effective Command Philosophy”.

Operations Order (OPORD) Template

Click HERE for the OPORD Template. I created this document at the Maneuver Captain’s Career Course (MCCC). It was tried and tested through the MCCC and then used during my Company Commands. It can be applied to PLT, CO, or BN Tactical Operations. We incorporated it into our Company “Battle Book” (SOP) with waterproof, heavy duty, tear-resistant paper. This allowed leaders to fill it in with map marker or pencil and easily erase for re-use.

OPORD Briefing Board

Click HERE for the OPORD Briefing Board. You can view the genesis and a brief description of this product HERE. The OPORD Briefing Board is a durable, compact, and intuitive design created for use when briefing tactical orders. We validated its use at the MCCC, multiple NTC rotations, home-station training, and a Pacific Pathways rotation. This product works best for platoon and company tactical mission orders.