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When you join The Company Leader you aren’t just getting our content – you are joining a community of people, ideas, thoughts, and inspiration that spans the profession of arms. This community is truly an amazing, supportive, and special thing of which to be a part. The whole reason The Company Leader exists is the support of some great fellow leaders who understood that when it comes to our profession there is no blue ocean or red ocean – there is only iron sharpening iron.

Below you will find a list of blogs, journals, articles, and other online sources to help you grow in your leadership, fitness, and tactics. You can also find a curated list of leader material, updated in real time, HERE.

Military & Defense Blogs

o The Military Leader

o The Field Grade Leader

o The Strategy Bridge

The Military Writers Guild

o Pay Day Activities

From the Green Notebook

o Small Wars Journal

o Modern War Institute

o Beyond the Objective

o Company Command 

o ProDev2Go  

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o 3×5 Leadership

Task & Purpose

o Strategic Studies Institute 

o General Leadership

o Be Mission Capable

o War on the Rocks

Journals/ News Sources

o Harvard Business Review

o The Washington Post

o Forbes

o Fortune

o Foreign Policy

o Wall Street Journal 

o The Economist 

o The Diplomat