Submission Guidelines

The Company Leader is a forum for curated Leader Development Content focused on Leadership, Tactics, and Fitness. We LOVE seeing your writing and helping get your voice out there. We pride ourselves on being user friendly, iterative, and responsive. Let us help you publish your writing and ideas! Below are some guidelines for submission.

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  • We accept personally contributed articles ranging in length from 800-1500 words. We will consider longer posts, but may we may recommend changes to make the post more concise.
  • The topic should fit the style and content of this blog – Leadership, Tactics, and Fitness.
  • Look to include practical steps for leaders to help them succeed in leadership and the tactical level of war.
  • Avoid Passive Voice and first person narrative unless specifically referencing a personal action or experience.
  • Use sub-headings and/or transitions to help guide the reader through your post.
  • Stick to a central theme or thesis – avoid jumping around or biting off a topic too large to adequately address.
  • Cite all source material using hyperlinks (if it is a book, link the title to an Amazon page for the book or link the central theme you are referencing). If unable to hyperlink, cite using endnotes.
  • Submit in a .doc or .docx Word File.
  • Submit recommended photos (if you have them) as separate .jpeg, .tiff, or .png files. We only accept open source/labeled for reuse images. By submitting the photo, you acknowledge that it meets these guidelines. Feel free to make recommendations in your Word.doc as to where you recommend we place the images. Please include a caption for each image.
  • The Company Leader does not accept posts or articles already published in other publication sources.
  • We do not accept posts or articles that are political in nature or speak poorly of specific individuals, parties, organizations, etc. – “If you don’t have anything nice or constructive to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  • When in doubt, refer to the DoD and U.S. Army Social Media Guidelines.
  • Submit your products to

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The Company Leader is a personally curated blog. You will work with one primary editor, but your work may be subjected to peer review prior to publication. This is especially true if the source material is outside the expertise of the editor. Editing is a personal process and we recognize this. We will remain respectful toward you and your writing, but will challenge you to obtain the best possible writing and output. Remain humble, patient, and flexible. Writing is an iterative process. Thank you for considering us in your writing journey.

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