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We believe…

…winning wars is the one sieve through which everything else in our profession must pass – at our level that means technical and tactical excellence.

…the Profession of Arms requires leaders of character, competence, and passion.

…Social Media and the written word are conduits for building a community; Iron Sharpens Iron.

…being a Pro in the world’s #1 contact sport – the crucible of ground combat – requires disciplined study and dedication to the craft over time.

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We are…

…a community for the sharing of ideas and promotion of the Profession of Arms. Through blogs, articles, discussion groups, and videos, we focus on three targeted areas of growth – Leadership, Tactics, and Fitness.

The Tactical Level of war is more than a baseline or Company Grade construct. It is vast – from squads to divisions, we are tacticaorganizations. The Company Leader is not just for Captains and Lieutenants – Majors plan for the maneuver and sustainment of companies, Lieutenant Colonels maneuver companies, Colonels rate the potential of Company Commanders, and NCOs – from Team Leader to First Sergeant – are the backbone of a company.

In the business sector, Companies range from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Strategy and Operations are critical for steering the direction and setting the systems of an organization, but Tactics are the day-to-day interactions and grit of an organization.

The Profession of Arms and the future of war require the best from our leaders and it all starts at the tactical level. To get the best senior leaders, we need to develop the best junior officers and NCOs.

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We started…

…in 2013 as a unit internal leader development weekly email to leaders. It contained the top 3 articles from the week on Leadership, Tactics, and Fitness. “Subscribers” quickly expanded beyond the Battalion to the Brigade and across the Army. With this growth, and guest posts gaining traction in the Military Leader and From the Green Notebook, this initiative became “Hay in the Barn LDR.”

Hay in the Barn LDR leveraged Social Media (Twitter and Facebook) and a weekly emailed blog to build a community. After participating in a panel discussion at AUSA 2017 on Digital Leadership in the 21st Century and an interview with the Leaders Huddle Podcast, it was time for Hay in the Barn LDR to evolve.

The Company Leader is the next step along this journey that started in 2013. Thank you for joining us and I hope we can serve you so you can serve those you lead.

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