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Are you new to The Company Leader? Or, maybe your are a long-time subscriber just now looking to see all the site has to offer. You have come to the right place. This page is dedicated to helping you navigate the already intuitive site.


Home PageHere you will find a running list of our most recent blog posts. Each post shows a lead and a “Continue Reading” option to see the rest of the post. You can navigate your way back to this page at any time by clicking on the header photo at the top of the page. You can also find a link in the top menu bar.

Start Here: This page is what we believe in, who we are, and where we started. We can’t ask you to join us without giving you our “why” and what drives us every day.

Archived PostsAs the posts build, our Home Page will not efficiently hold them all. Here you will find a complete list of The Company Leader posts and published articles, ranging from The Infantry Magazine to the Jounral for Management Development.

Resources: Use the drop down menu to navigate the pages below:

  • Blogs & Websites: List of other blogs and websites we use to aggregate the leader development material shared across Facebook and Twitter.
  • Videos: Imbeded videos from TEDTalks to YouTube videos. Be warned, this great resource is a rabbit hole of great material – you can get lost in it!
  • Podcasts: Here is a personal list of Podcasts we love most!
  • Movies: Everyone has a reading list, but what about movies? Here is our list of great movies for the Profession of Arms.
  • The Rucksack: This is our version of a “tool kit”, providing you with practical resources to help you win in leadership, self-development, fitness, and tactics.

Quotes: Visit this page for a running list of quotes on life, leadership, and war. This page will continue to grow as more quotes come to our attention. Share, tweet, or contribute new quotes!

Reading Lists: Navigate here to find The Company Leader Reading List and links to many more reading lists across the profession. Our list focused on putting together a collection of 15 books spanning history, fiction, and military, that provide a firm foundation for engaging leaders at the company-level.

The Table: When you join The Company Leader you are becoming part of a community dedicated to leader development. There are a lot of great conversations happening on Twitter between leaders of all ranks, service components, and even foreign militaries. But, we understand you may not have Twitter. Here you can find The Company Leader Twitter feed (not visible on many Government Computers) where we post stories, articles, and other resources. Sign up for Twitter to get the most out of this resource.

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