Think about how much time in your day is spent in reflexive or muscular monotony, executing tasks in autopilot that don’t engage your brain (e.g. driving to and from work, sitting at your desk scanning emails, cooking dinner, cardio, perhaps even strength training). Make use of this already available time with Podcasts. These prerecorded and regularly released conversations are nuggets of knowledge and development gold, easily consumed from your phone, tablet, or computer in just 25 minutes to an hour. Below are a list of some of our favorite Podcasts. Click the Images for links to these great resources.

Image result for The Dead Prussian Podcast The Spear   The Modern War Institute Podcast  Image result for leaders huddle podcast

Image result for Entreleadership Podcast  Image result for Tribe of Mentors Podcast  Image result for HBR Ideacast  

Image result for Hardcore History Podcast  Related image  Image result for My History can beat up your politics  Image result for Lead to Win Podcast

Image result for TED Radio Hour  This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt  Image result for Coaching for Leaders Podcast 

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