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Published Works

Managing Talent Before it Manages You – Army University Press

Social Intelligence in Ranger School – Infantry Magazine

The Leadership Imperative: A Case Study in Mission Command – Infantry Magazine

Followership Behaviors and Barriers to Wealth Creation – Journal of Management Development

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The Rucksack Series

Your OPORD Briefing Board

Leading Change Series

Part I: The Art of Change

Part II: Build Confidence in Change

Part III: When Change is Values-Deep

Guest Posts

Leader’s Guide to Addressing Suicide By Franklin Annis, EdD

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Other Posts

All the King’s Horses

Seeking Wisdom

An Enlisted Perspective

The Fourth Phase of Ranger School

It’s Not About You (Originally in The Field Grade Leader)

McChrystal and a Grain of Salt (Originally in The Military Leader)

4 Tips for Transitioning Organizations (Originally in From the Green Notebook)

Leadership Starts With…Love? (Originally in From the Green Notebook)


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